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Why You Need Tailwind

Competition for capital is fierce.

Thousands of pitch decks are created each year, all asking investors for money. Less than 1% of companies who pitch will get funding from VCs and PEs.

Your company needs to be exceptional to be worthy of investors' time and money. FlightPlan™ offers a proven method to strengthen your business and secure capital.

Tailwind guides early-stage ventures to become diligently prepared so your vision can become reality.

Tailwind helps ventures to:

Save time & money

With our unique approach that combines the efficiencies of a digital platform and the depth of knowledge and hands-on support from our experts.

Speak ‘Investor’

With our proprietary curriculum that was built by subject matter specialists who understand what investors want.

Differentiate & articulate

Your company’s value, versus the thousands of others just asking for money.

Put your best foot forward

As Tailwind diligently prepares your company for the scrutiny that investors demand.

Stay top of mind

With Tailwind's platform for continuous, transparent disclosure for current and potential investors, because raising capital is never done until the vision is realized.

Raise substantial capital

We’re securities compliant with an excellent track record, so we’re able to raise substantial capital on behalf of our clients — making us the perfect partner.

Get connected

It’s both what you know and who you know. We know what investors want, and we know a lot of investors.


Who we work with.

Tailwind works with early-stage ventures that are ready to grow. You may be a graduate of an accelerator program or an established venture that’s been in business for years. You might be a tech player, a retail brand, or in the energy transition space; the common thread — your business needs investment to reach its full potential.

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Our Programs

Your journey starts here

Tailwind's FlightPlan™ takes start-ups and scale-ups through a proprietary 45-module digital curriculum to help you effectively define, articulate, and promote your venture directly to investors. Tried and tested and investor-approved, our program includes tips and tools, useful examples, resource guides, and help from real humans – to ensure your business is speaking the language of investors.

FlightPlan™ at a Glance

  • Access to our 45-module proprietary FlightPlan™ program
  • Share your investor profile with your own network
  • Get access to our team for support and feedback
  • Potential to be selected as a PaperPlane Project
  • Get in touch for pricing

Show and Tell

Once complete, your business documentation is viewable at a glance and in meticulous detail. Share with friends, family, Warren or Elon, and keep them all up to date with news releases, financial updates, social media, and more.

90% of companies selected as a PaperPlane Project have raised capital. Tailwind clients have raised $95 million of early-stage growth capital since 2022. Select companies from our FlightPlan™ curriculum will be invited to become a PaperPlane Project.

PaperPlane Projects are ventures that show incredible potential, have completed our most comprehensive due diligence, met the criteria of our investment community, and are ventures that Tailwind is willing to endorse.

PaperPlane Projects at a Glance

  • Access to our 45-module proprietary FlightPlan™ curriculum
  • Hands-on support from subject matter experts
  • Access to Aviator Network
  • Investor Profile featured on our site promoted to investors and endorsed by Tailwind
  • Potential to move forward to a capital raise event

Aviator Network

Let our proven business navigators take you for a ride in the jump seat.

Our Aviator Program enables experienced entrepreneurs, business executives, VCs and Angel Investors to provide their expertise for the next generation of founders in our PaperPlane Projects stream. Aviators join the program to share their experiences and knowledge with founders and ventures that match their expertise and interests.

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FAQs for Ventures

Tailwind addresses the core problem that a lack of resources within a company results in needless emotional and financial suffering, costs time, and eventually leads to the demise of the business and a vision unrealized. We provide additional assurance to protect against an unrealized vision. Our core competency is diligent preparedness, and we position your company so that it meets the demands of investors, thereby improving the likelihood of investment.

FlightPlan™ is our comprehensive due diligence program that increases business confidence and investor success. FlightPlan™ readies companies that are potentially worthwhile but seem too risky to invest in. We allow a venture to grow into an attractive investment opportunity and convey this to investors. We solve the problem that early-stage and growth-stage investments can appear unprepared and too risky to invest in.

Our FlightPlan™ program is very thorough, addressing multiple business risks over 45 distinct modules. The time you need to commit to FlightPlan™ can be pared down or scaled-up depending on the sophistication and maturity of the business.

Companies can spend as little or as much time as they want to complete the program, it really depends on the sophistication and readiness of the company. Each company and industry is different. Typically, to gain investor confidence, it is a meaningful work effort. We highlight that the competition for capital is fierce, so companies really need to put forward their best effort to be worthy of investors' time and money.

Tailwind has created a web-based platform to support companies during and after the completion of FlightPlan™. Fundraising is never really done until the vision is realized. Current and future investors deserve your respect for continuous and transparent disclosure - Tailwind helps you achieve this.

No. There are no guarantees in the investment world. Investors have so much choice. This is why we are big advocates of diligent preparedness. We are confident saying that all else equal, the more prepared a company, the more likely it will attract investment.

We select the best companies coming out of the FlightPlan™ program to introduce to investors. These companies have completed the qualitative and quantitative modules of our FlightPlan™ with such conviction that we believe they have a strong likelihood of attracting investment. We call these companies our PaperPlane Projects.

Yes. Our web-based platform enables companies to initiate and execute a capital raise on their own efforts, and in some instances, this might be a more ideal outcome than Tailwind actively marketing your company to investors.

The Tailwind Aviator Program is an invitation-only mentorship program available to the companies that complete our rigorous qualitative and quantitative due diligence. Tailwind has a significant crew of accomplished business leaders and investors that are willing to dedicate their time to help improve your business. The Aviator Program is about continuous improvement, learning and the sharing of experiences. Our one rule - companies cannot solicit our Aviators for investment.

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Are you a venture looking for funding?

If so, we invite you to apply, no costs, no obligations. A member of our team will evaluate your application and if there is a good fit, we’ll be back in touch with next steps.