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EEL is primed for growth to provide best-in-class PLT and genset solutions to market, delivering clear economic and environmental value to its customers
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Construction, Mining, and Oil & Gas companies use gensets and PLTs to power and illuminate their working environments. With operations running 24/7/365, their need for reliable power and lighting is mission-critical, given the steep business risks posed by operational downtime. Based on current market options, companies largely default to purely diesel-powered gensets and PLTs.

EEL Energy has developed the proprietary kCell and Cell Management System (CMS) and have deployed this innovative solid-state battery technology in mobile gensets, PLTs, and transportation carts. EEL PLTs reduce recurring costs by 80%+ annually via a combination of carbon credits and fuel, maintenance, and labour savings, in comparison to typical 6kW Diesel PLTs.

EEL is an early mover in commercializing and scaling next-generation solid-state battery technology.